Frequently Asked Questions

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The Truth About Canada

We have been raised to believe that this government IS THE AUTHORITY and now we are coming out of this amnesia and many are NOW asking the question.. Do we need a government? The answer has always been NO.  We do not need to wait for Trudeau to tell us what we can and cannot do.  They will never stop their agenda until the people rise up and remember their own power.

Governments are service corporations only! They only have power because the people have given their power away.  We have unalienable rights as sovereign men and women.  

Many think the charter of rights and freedoms are FOR the PEOPLE.  It is  NOT. The Charter of rights and freedoms was created in 1982 has never been ratified and not even in effect The charter is not applicable to the people. Charters are designed for Corporations that is why the government can get away with poisoning our land, water, food, and air for decades and create war against its people. Our government never had the authority to pass it because they KNOW they are UNLAWFUL. 

People think Canada has a constitution and IT DOES NOT. BIG LIES! Canada has an ACT. Why? Because Canada is a corporation..  You can check it out. Their corporate # is 0000230098. It is registered as a FOREIGN entity and it is OWNED by a few dark elites and it is time to dissolve the corporation. 

We all love the name Canada so we need to transfer it from being a corporate name to being a sovereign name.  

Revenue Canada is also an offshore company. Not even Canadian. All money goes to the Crown which is under the Vatican. 

 We need to let go of everything THEY created and focus on a new parallel structure that is FOR the people BY the people – Sovereign Councils – PLAN Councils and bring back the power to our TOWNS.  

Our history is a LIE. 

What is Life Force Canada?

Life Force is the Essence, Source, Substance of ALL LIFE that binds humans, animals and the earth. We are here to assist in liberating and empowering every man and woman by co-creating a free and prosperous future for all.  The national calls every Monday offer all the PLAN Councils across Canada an opportunity to unite and discover what is happening in other provinces so we may learn from each other. 

We are awake to the truth and reality of our world and the issues affecting humanity from the fallout of the global plandemic and are here to contribute to the restoration plan of Canada and have come together under Life Force Canada.

What is a PLAN Council?

PLAN – People Land Air Nature

A PLAN Council is a dejure assembly or a private member association of like-minded people dedicated to educating their communities/towns or counties in how to reclaim their rights and freedoms. A PLAN Council is a group of 13  who bring different talents & skills and knowledge forward that will empower the men, women and children in their town/community to become self governing and prosperous.

By participating in a PLAN Council of your peers, for the very first time in modern history your voice has an impact, and you, have a chance to action out changes for the betterment of all. With a properly assembled group of goal oriented individuals your ideas, plans,  and dreams can be fulfilled. We invite you to reach out to like-minded Sovereigns who also have a deep desire to makes changes in your area and with the guidance of PLAN Council Alberta you will be able to make true lasting changes.


How Do I start a PLAN Council in my town?

Your PLAN Council’s foundation is built on trust, respect for all and integrity. Start with bringing those you know who are standing for freedom together once a week either in someone’s home or on zoom. As you get to know each other and communicate each others talents, skills and knowledge you will discover who has the leadership skills and are willing to commit in taking inspired action.

We are creating self-replicating teacher/demonstration resources for all existing towns or new intentional communities, villages, which offers a viable path to empowering people to become the best version of themselves.  When we have enough people applying a solution-creating model like this, we will transform not only our lives but future generations. See Resources


What Resources Are Available to Create a Council?
We are presently creating what we refer to as Open Source Sharing which will assist in the creation of PLAN Councils within any existing town or creation of an intentional community. Every community requires structure just like a river requires banks to keep the water from flowing everywhere.

We believe the idea of setting aside our differences to work towards positive transformation should be seen as non-controversial, non-political, and simply being common sense.

People have different views and philosophies and no one way will be considered the best way by everyone. Open source sharing addresses this by promoting collaboration over competition through free access to the creative design foundations so different people can create their own ideas of what is best. This is a massively beneficial aspect of any solution-creating model because it does not limit the diversity of solution output. 

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How different is the new model compared to the existing system?

Right now, the existing town/city councils do not have the what is in the best interest of the people or the highest moral code. They receive instruction from higher levels of government.

The PLAN Council model is not a hierarchy.  The true power reverts back to the people, back to the town as only they know what they truly need to be happy and prosperous.  As the systems in our present reality begin to dissolve and people begin to wake up to the truth, we will need to replace those systems with a more self sustaining and empowering way of living than most people are currently experiencing.

What are Committees? Who can be part of them?

Committees typically follow the nine pillars and are comprised of members who have a passion for the subject. Other committees can be established as needed to support the local council.

The nine pillars are:

  • Needs Assessment Committee
  • Health & Wellness Committee
  • Treasury & Banking Committee
  • Security Committee
  • Officers, Natural Law & Law Enforcement Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Nature Preservation & Protection Committee
  • Projects Committee
  • Life and Family Committee
  • Operations Committee

Additional working committees (providing brainstorming, needs assessment, budgets & research for any proposal deemed worthy for projects)

Learn more about the nine pillars here:

The Life Force Canada Nine Pillars – Join us Today!

Who can become Officers, Committee Leads? What is the voting process?

Any member in good standing can submit their intent to lead and/or participate in any committee or project work. 

Open or new Officer or Committee Chair position

A review of an open or new officer position is presented by the moderator.  Members interested in the position come forward.  Each person presents their skills/experience to hold such position.  A vote is held and the individual with the most votes will assume the open/new position.

What is in it for me to join the Alberta Council?

Many of our members feel a sense of connectedness and support by joining our weekly meetings and engaging in our committees to work on bringing lasting positive change to a world that we see is sinking into deeper and deeper turmoil. We all know we want to change the world for the better, but sometimes it is hard to imagine where to start. PLAN Council Alberta will provide that safe nurturing space for you, where your voice, your ideas and your passions matter.All of us had been in the same position at one time or another where you are right now. If you are looking for answers in a cooperative, supportive group where you can fully express yourself without fears of judgement, please take the first step and get in touch with us so we can get to know you better.  Listen in on our  Public Meetings.

How do I refer a friend?

We recommend everyone register through the Life Force Canada website first. This way they get to know who we are and what we are seeking to accomplish.  They can listen in on the national Monday calls and then take part in their provincial zoom calls that offer more community guidance.  

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