Project Proposal Process

Everyone who makes a sincere effort to focus their thoughts and intentions on manifesting a better world for all inhabitants of the planet and the planet itself is invited to distill their ideas into a Project proposal.

The information presented below provides a general overview of the project proposal process.  It is a living document and is updated as new information and feedback becomes available.

Process at a Glance

What comprises a Project proposal?
  • Project Charter contains an Executive Summary and clearly and briefly outline the intent and vision for the Project, the issues it aims to improves on, estimates of time frame, resources, and funding, and the desired outcome.
  • Project Plan (or Business Plan) describes procedures on how to plan, organize, implement, monitor, and evaluate the various stages of a Project.  It also provides concrete details in areas such as the project team, tasks, schedules, deliverables, plans for organization  / operational / management / monitoring / tracking, budget, resources, etc.
How is a Project proposal evaluated?

A Project proposal is evaluated by a panel of subject matter experts as required and is presented to the Council members for discussion and review. 

The Needs Assessment Committee of the Council may prioritize the evaluation of Project proposals based on the needs of the communities.

How long does it take to evaluate a Project proposal?

The following factors play important roles in the evaluation of a Project proposal:

  • Scope:  As a simplified example, comparing a community-level Project and a a global Project, while both equally important in their own ways, the latter usually has more moving parts that require higher level of coordination and generates outcomes that impact more of the peoples and the environment.
  • Complexity:  This may refer to, for instance, the technology required or inter-dependencies of the tasks involved.
  • Urgency:  A Project that proposes to provide solutions to remediate immediate conditions may be given priority, especially when those tasked with the review and evaluation are at full capacity.
Who can send in a Project proposal?

As mentioned earlier, everyone who is motivated to engage in the restoration and improvement of the planetary conditions in any aspect is welcome to present their idea in a Project proposal.

If you are under the age of majority and circumstances allow for it, we encourage you to share your idea with your parents, guardians, or community groups as well.  You may just gain more advocates than you had planned for!

When can a Project proposal be sent in?
Once you have done basic your homework and research, and put together a Project proposal containing your brilliant ideas, please send it in whenever you are ready!
What is the amount of funding a Project proposal can request?

Generally speaking a Project proposal may request any amount of funding to ensure that the Project succeeds in achieving its goals within the expected time frame. 

One requirement is that, if needed, please consult with subject matter experts when conducting a financial analysis for the Project to ensure the amount of funding requested is both sensible and sufficient to bring forth success.

Funding allocated to a Project is for the exclusive use in all activities of said Project.  In order to maintain complete transparency, please advise the Council, in advance where possible, if a portion of the funding is to be used for purposes outside the scope of the Project.

The Council reserves the right to recover a portion of or all funds used for said out-of-scope purposes if it deems there are alternative solutions, such as a separate funding allocation.

Listing of Active Proposals

Are you eager to join like-minded people with a unified vision towards a better world for all and would like to find out where to start?

View our current listing of active projects and find out what is happening in your community and beyond and participate!

New Project Proposals

Do you have an innovative idea in mind that addresses specific conditions in your community or improves the well-being of the peoples?

After you have reviewed the Project Proposal Process described on this page and you have everything ready, you are invited to send in your creative project proposal.

Please also take a moment to read the Policy on Project Evaluation to become familiarized with the overall process.