Project Submission

The Project Development Package is to be used as a guiding framework for developing your project, especially if you have no previous experience and/or technical resources. If you’re already experienced, this package may not be necessary.


Download the Needs Assessment Form, complete it and submit with the form below.


Download the Resolution of One Accord (ROA), read it and agree to it with your submission in the form below.


Download the Project Development Package and Excel Templates. You do not need to submit these below.

Project Submission Form

What is the best way to contact you ?

When is the best time to contact you?

What County do you live in?

I am a current resident of the province of Alberta

Does the Project require the support of a professional project manager?

Did you upload a Project Charter?

Did you upload a Project Plan?

Did you upload a Project Budget / Financial Analysis?

Did you complete and upload the Needs Assessment Form?

Do you consent to having the above information stored on this website as well as e-mailed to select Council officers or members for the purpose of reviewing and evaluating the Project proposal, and of contacting you if more information is required?

I hereby acknowledge and agree to uphold the Resolution of One Accord

15 + 5 =

Once your Needs Assessment has been reviewed and approved by council, you will be required to create a Project Charter, Define Project, and Project Management Plan document set to support your project. If you already have similar documents and/or plans created, please have them ready for review by your assigned Project Manager. Otherwise, your Project Manager will assist you in completing your Project Development Package.